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Mark Claasen
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  • Bike: 1200GSA KLR650NE WR450 RMX250, DR750,
  • Rank: 400cc Rider

Testing both those bikes, from my prospective the KTM is heavier and has a higher centre of gravity but is also faster and more complex (TC and ABS is more sophisticated but harder to use and not on the fly like the AT)

AT 5’10 80kg I’am not tall enough or strong enough to man handle the KTM off road (harder for me than my GSA)

As a road bike awesome as long as not stopping at to many lights.

AT just easier if you are shorter or smaller

I was out with some 1190’s the other day and they were bigger guys and we were doing the dirt bike thing in the dunes and they were killing themselves once they got stuck or fell over, but that is probably over the top usage really and all still had fun.

PS if you are like Chris Birch, KTM all the way though having said that Aaron Slight rides an AT and funnily enough I have ridden with them off road so know they can both ride 🙂