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Rules for driving in India

India does have road rules which for the most part are similiar to NZ’s road rules, including driving on the left side of the road, there are however some further guidelines to consider.

  1. a red traffic light means give way only if other traffic is coming
  2. aside from the steering wheel, the horn is absolutely the only other device to be used on the steering column, and it must be used as frequently as possible
  3. 1st gear must never be used
  4. a car must never be revved over 1500 rpm
  5. Toot your horn
  6. when entering a roundabout you must never give way or even look at any traffic already on the roundabout unless a vehicle directly in front of you impedes your progress, in which case see point 2
  7. it is perfectly acceptable to turn right from the left most lane of a 4 lane road, or vice versa
  8. Toot your horn
  9. It is acceptable to ride or even sometimes drive down the wrong ride of the road, not just a little over the the white line but completely in the far opposite lane. This includes when there is a median barrier in the center of the road that in theory should mean you can’t get on the wrong side of the road in the first place

More to come….