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Hadrian Haine
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  • Bike: 08 Husaberg FE 450 and a classic 86 Honda XLR250R
  • Rank: 400cc Rider

Hey guys looks like most of the time you guys head North, but for the occasions port Waikato and the west coast outings.
Long story short (or possibly long as I type as I think)… I am based in the north Waikato. But an currently converlesing from a work place injury, but have riden some of the eastern bays south of Auckland before and the Clevedon area. There is some nice winding sealed road, with good views here. And can be linked into the seabird coast, from there one could dog leg in to the Hanuia forest, or carry on south to Miranda and return to Auckland via the Hanuia forest and past the water resivours. Aulternitvely the rout could be ran in reverse.
So this leaves a couple of questions. One has any if you charming JAFAs ? explored these areas? And Two Who would like to explore these areas with me, and plot some of the gravel roads? Or alternatively would you prefer I scouted them first, plotted a course and created an event?