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The new Moto Guzzi V85 concept to me is one of the coolest looking bikes to be announced so far in this years EICMA show.

Moto Guzzi says the design will appeal to riders “who, while never ceasing to dream of Dakar, yearn for a bike that revives the spirit of adventure on their daily journeys.

It is the motorcycle that was needed by an increasingly standardised market dedicated to travelling in its purest form, recalling the epic rally raids of the 1980s, a point of reference from which it inherits style, charm and thus emotion, but which has been designed to take on both everyday routes and long-distance routes, using the most up-to-date requirements.”

The V85 Concept retains Moto Guzzi’s traditional transverse 90° V-Twin structure which is claimed to produce 80hp and that this motor has been designed spcifically for the V85 and isn’t shared with any other models and Moto Guzzi guarantees “great character and the usual spectacular force at lower running speeds.”

As @mcrastis mentions above Moto Guzzi are asking the ADV community for naming ideas for this V85 concept. You can find out more about the bike and submit your naming idea at: http://discoverv85.motoguzzi.com/en/.