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  • Bike: 2015 Zongshen RX3
  • Rank: 125cc Rider

I did, the best money I’ve spent in a long time. I’ve covered 4 000km since February without a single issue.
The bike is solid rewarding to ride and economical too.
I did a lot of reading online before taking the plunge. Even if it hadn’t come with two sets of luggage spare tyres, screen and an oil filter it would still have been the bargain of the century.

My son has an X5 Hyosung and it is easily as well made and performs as well too. The motor is smooth and gutsy enough for any legal riding situations and I have to admit I like the fact that I’ve got the only one in the country.

Sure it will be a hassle getting spares, just like it’s impossible at the moment to get the necessary spares for my Fiat, even though it is a current model sold from showrooms across New Zealand.