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  • Bike: BMW Supertanker, R100GS & Velorex 562 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

Fri 3rd Nov – Hanmer to Chch.

From Hamner we headed towards Cheviot, linking onto Kaiwara Rd. That reminded me a bit of Admirals Rd, in Wairarapa – almost farm road, with grass starting to grow in the centre of the track. The road sweeps up onto a hillside, giving views back down onto the Waiau Valley. On the other side the road looks to have been hand hewn through a hill. There was another ford there.

That linked into Random Spur Rd, which is a non maintained road (farm track) running to Cheviot.

I got caught in the 1st set of ruts there – started to head into them, then changed my mind as to the best line. That of course got me cross rutted. The thing with sidecars is that they are too heavy to pull out of things like that yourself, so it’s good to be riding with others. I’d heard a sound like something breaking when I stopped suddenly, but later wasn’t able to find what that might have been. In Chch I noticed one of the link bolts was MIA.

Of course the RHS chairs behind me made that rut look too easy.

Lunch at The Paddock Cafe in Cheviot.

Droned up SH1 towards Christchurch, getting bloody hot, but took time out to visit Alan & Andrea at Kiwi Motorcycle Rentals. They are located in Leithfield, just outside Amberley. They stock Heidenau & Shinko Tyres, & is where I sourced the rear tyres for the tug (& Gus’s last set of 805s). Impressive set up, which I totally failed to take any photos of.

The final stop of the day was in Christchurch, at the Mike Pero Motorcycle Gallery. A collection of 70’s & 80’s race & race replica bikes.

Took 2 units at the Amber Holiday Park on Blenhiem Rd, in Chch.

Burgers & a few beers at Smash Palace. Norbert very kindly chaffeured me there & back – my 1st time in someone else rig. I could definitely get used to that. Very relaxed.

Smash Palace is a result of the earthquakes, & is spread over a demolished building site. The bar is a large converted bus. The loos are in a temp building, & I didn’t see where the kitchens were. We arrived in the middle of the after work Friday Crowd. Later in the evening there was a queue for entry. It was loud. You couldn’t get away with that if there were apartments near. The place must make a bomb financially.