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  • Bike: BMW Supertanker, R100GS & Velorex 562 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

Sat 4th Nov, Chch:

Up earlyish to get to the bike show at New Brighton Beach. Unfortunately the cleaning fairies hadn’t been to polish up the sidecars, so we guessed we’d just have to take them as they were – covered in dust, mud, & cowshit.

The bike show also included ‘demonstration’ beach racing for girder forked bikes, running under pier. Hand change & foot clutches made some of these a handful on the beach.

The Quake City Rumblers were out in force.

Best of British…

Replica boardtracker, self made

The runner up Euro Trash, next to the Euro Trash winner…

A VW show was also set up just across the road from us, so plenty to keep the automotive enthusiast happy.

I picked up a reasonable sunburn during the day. Should have used subscreen, but the day started out cloudy.

We also had a poke around the Army & Outdoors shop in Woolston, before a few quiets at The Brewery.

There was an awards night back at Smash Palace, so after dropping off the sidecars, four of us piled into a taxi so a few more beers wouldn’t result in a discussion with the nice policeman. Norbert won the Eurotrash award for his rig, but wasn’t present at the awards, so that went to the runner up. We all jointly won furtherest travelled, & were awarded with a small trophy & the ladies leopard skin brief ‘flags’ that were used for marshalling the demonstration beach racing – which would have made excellent chopper flags (if we had anyway to attach them).

Norbert & I left earlish – I squeezed into a spare helmet which I couldn’t do up, no jacket, no gloves – but stylish. Safety third…I did wonder as to the legality of that when the nice policewoman was travelling with us back to the camp.