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  • Bike: BMW Supertanker, R100GS & Velorex 562 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
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Mon 6th Nov. Hanmer to Kaikoura:

With the rest of the boys heading for home, I decided go to Kaikoura for a bit of a look around. I’d been going to do that from Cheviot on the way to Chch. In the end I was pleased I hadn’t done that – that ride was just too hot, long, & boring.

Took the inland road, with an intent to come back in a circuit via SH1 & the Hundalees. Unfortunately when I reached Waiau, signage indicated SH1 was closed for 5 days. Talking to the local cafe owner, normally they closed the roads on 3 day rotations – when the inland route was open, SH1 was closed & vis-a-versa. Pity. There goes that plan.

The road itself wasn’t in bad nick – but you could definitely see where slips & other deformations had caused issues.

One place had a new section of road dropping down into a stream bed, & then back up to the original road. You could see where the old road was on the other side of the stream – until it wasn’t…

Followed a logging truck heading for Kaikoura, & wondered about that – until I realised the trains are running again, & I’m guessing that it was probably headed for Lyttleton.

Kaikoura itself seemed relatively normal, except for the raised seabed.

I went as far north as traffic control would let me. Lots of activity – nothing to see. Buzzed by a helicopter doing sluicing work. Loads of NCTIR utes & trucks.

The wharf & the old Whale Watch haul out areas were a bit high & dry, as were the Kaikoura heads.

It amused me to see a new boating ramp almost being tunnelled into the rocks near the old wharf.

Back to Hamner for the night. Stayed on a $25/night cabin, no power (the switches in the next picture don’t do anything), but a solar light – worked well for me instead of needing to put up the tent.

Talked a Dutch couple out of driving up to Lake Tennysen in their people mover, on their way through to the Rainbow Station road. Just because Google Maps says you can…