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  • Bike: BMW Supertanker, R100GS & Velorex 562 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

Wed 8th Nov – Murchison to Wellington:

Howled overnight, & heavy showers were still scudding in during the morning. I waited a while to let it settle, which it didn’t really do. So packed the bike, wiggled into my rain gear, & headed out.

There was a lot of debris on the road, so I half expected to get turned back before I made the Braeburn Track. The Braeburn had a lot of deadfall on it. I needed to stop a few time to move dropped trees & branches.

The first ford was ‘interesting’. I thought it was shallow enough for me to get through. I didn’t count on the algae on the concrete, which allowed the flow to push the rig almost to the edge of the concrete bottom. I was fairly relieved to reach the other side intact.

The second ford I decided to take further to the right, & with more momentum. Of course that caused more splash back & the motor all but stalled in the middle of that. Fortunately it coughed & kept going so we made the other side. The other two were further up the hill so had less flow.

Stopped at Lake Rotoroa.

Looked at the beginning of the Porika Track, but it wasn’t really the weather for it, so I backed off.

The weather gradually improved, & the winds dropped the further I went. Lunch at Wakefield, & another coffee at Pelorus Bridge, which was very pleasant.

Had a wee snooze on the grass at Picton, & then lined up for the Interislander ferry (Aratere) at 5.15pm for the 6.45pm sailing. I was the only bike on that sailing, & overall car & passenger numbers were also well down. The check-in lady indicated moderate (2m) swells in the strait. Strapped things down a bit more securely for that crossing. Why doesn’t Interislander have tie down points closer to the wall?

Just on dusk as we moved through the Tory Channel.

Home just after 10.50pm.

It’s taken me a few days to recover from this…