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  • Bike: BMW Supertanker, R100GS & Velorex 562 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
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SLIDING INTO SMASH PALACE – POSTSCRIPTJust a wee postscript to add in how the other four sidecars got on, on Monday. You’ll recall that they were all heading for the ferry home. Bill decided to ride by himself, mainly because he felt the Ural would be slow going over the Lewis Pass.

From MD ‘After we left you we drove over Lewis Pass, with snow to the road edge at the high point.

At Springs Junction Norbert made a run for the early boat which he achieved.

Ken & I rode up the West Bank & then over Maruia. Ken thought Maruia was so nice that he wanted to live there. Food at Murchison River Café (excellent).

Couldn’t help but notice how many pretty stop / go girls there were on the road works.

Just out of Blenheim Ken’s repro rubber seat mounting block fell to pieces. A block of wood & a stretchie fixed that problem.

Saw Bill at a roundabout in Picton. He was heading for Bluebridge.

Compulsory Guiness & food at Seumus’ Irish Bar.

Smooth sailing home.

Looking at chair yesterday I found my rear petrol can mount almost falling off. Eight inch crack where holder mounts and starburst cracks from bolt holes. Cracks might have started years ago but four days of gravel don’t help.’

From my side, one of the sidecar mount bolts was MIA on Random Spur Rd, the rear tub cradle, rubber dampers, & mounting bolt nuts were MIA at Maruia Saddle (but probably abandoned ship on the Rainbow side of the Molesworth), I picked up an extra ‘rain groove’ from the sidecar mudguard running on the sidecar tyre, & I noticed my RHS muffler was loose & not far off falling off just as I was about to board the ferry. So the road corrugations claimed some scalps for this trip…