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  • Bike: BMW Supertanker, R100GS & Velorex 562 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

MAINTENANCE 22nd Oct ’17 – 32,650kms
Still chipping away at maintenance tasks.

Changed all the oils. Unfortunately managed to strip the oil level check bolt, attempting to remove that from the final drive housing. Fortunately it’s still in place, so still sealed. And not actually necessary. I’ll need to get that removed at some point, & helicoiled – but not immediately. Oils looked good, but a little dark. Given the loads that the FD takes in the sidecar, not surprised.

The driveshaft oil was brown, I assume from the winters condensation & dirt.

Replaced the gearbox oils – then saw the crush washer sitting on the bench. Not sure if that is a spare (& I have one fitted) or…. not leaking so I’ll leave it.

With the reduction in the front sidecar mount, I have been able to fit an oil cooler. That involved swapping out an internal fitting in the filter canister, a different oil filter & cover, & all the oil cooler plumbing. Initially has been positioned on the right side crash bar, per the R100GS Donor – longer term that’ll be centre mounted. Looks a little odd with just one crash bar, but hey, it’s a sidecar – no prizes for aesthetics. I’d noticed that the sidecar ran hot in the summer, given the load the motor is pulling, so I’m pleased to have that in place.

Fitted the rear rack – pleased with the look of that.

Fitted a new chair tyre – cast off Kenda K273 350-16 from a GN125 – apparently a popular farm bike in Southland. $25 ea. 5 mm centre tread depth.

The front TW18 has worn from 9mm to 5mm centre tread depth in 3232 kms, so 808 km/mm or 6060 kms to 1.5mm. I have swapped to a new TW18 given an impending SI trip. I’ll use the other one some other time.