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  • Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

The E-07 rear I fitted on December 18 2016 came off on December 16 2017. Fitted at 31322km’s it came off at 41958km so had done 10,636kms and I reckon it probably had another 1000 in it. Oddly enough the brake pads I fitted at that time also needed replacing. The front TKC80 was also replaced, the tube has developed a flat on the previous ride and had worn badly while under inflated so didn’t have much usable depth left in it and the tube needed replacing.

A ride was in order to run the new tyres in so I headed off in a vaguely easterly direction.

Mount Te Aroha was shrouded in cloud, even though it was hot and dry where I was

I love country churches even though I’m not religious. I just like the buildings. This one is in Walton.

I kept heading East and ended up at Mount Maunganui for lunch. Even though it was fine in the Waikato and Tauranga I got rained on going past McClaren Falls.

Seeing as this was about an easterly as I could go it was time to head back West, with a stop at the Bike Shed at Okoroire Tavern.

There were a couple of nice modern classics there that you don’t see so often nowdays.

Gassing up back in Hamilton this GT750 pulled up, I know it’s not an adventure bike either but I have a thing about them having couriered on one in London in the 09’s, and they are very uncommon in NZ.