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<cite>@jeffsichoe said:</cite>
If any additional assistance with testing routes or tracks is required in Wellington -> Taranaki / Hawkes Bay, just let me know!

Hi Jeff, thanks a lot.
If you have suggestions for tracks/routes between Raetihi and Wellington, Id love to hear about them.
Everybody is welcome to contribute. There will be a ride at some point to test it all out.

To recap, the concept is a back roads route for people touring NZ, trying as much as possible to stay off the main highways. There will always be exceptions, FWH being one of them. In principle the route should be reasonably direct between points. If there are really cool bits you recommend riding on the way then elsewhere we have “loops” that you can do from a point on the route if you have time – for example the Taranaki tunnels. See above.

Thanks for your interest and look forward to hearing from you