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On Saturday I jumped on the bike and headed down to the ‘Naki for a look round and do a couple of roads I hadn’t done before.

I had posted on the Taranaki rides thread that I was heading down and and @gerhard_nieuwoudt replied that he was keen on joining me for the day so we met up in Mokau.

First up was Kiwi Road
I only stopped for one photo on Kiwi Road but it’s pretty narrow with steep drop offs on one side. While it had a few lumps and bumps it was a lot smoother than I had expected from seeing other peoples photo’s, maybe it’s been cleaned up a bit.

Followed by Moki Road

The loop is nicely finished up with Kaka Road. I didn’t take any pics of the road itself but did of this truck graveyard.

From Moki Road we rode down to Stratford where we went our separate ways, I headed down to Manaia to stay at a friends place.

Sunday morning I took the coast road up to New Plymouth, it was seriously windy and I had a few scary moments being blown around.

From New Plymouth it was up the main road to Awakino where I veered off onto Taumatamaire Road which I really enjoy due to it’s great views and diverse landscape.

From there it was back up the road to Hamilton. Not a full on trip but I was happy to be able to get out for 2 days given my recent health.