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  • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

After seeing these pics of this K75GS sidecar the idea of a brick powered unit appeals.

The shaftdrives in the BMW bricks are pretty reliable and the motors make smooth torque and power. While hunting around the net for pics I even found a pic of a BMW brick motor in a Ural frame.

I’ve pretty much decided my days on a DR or any single cylinder are at an end. Like all Adventure Bikes the DR is a compromise bike, with the DR being big enough and powerful(ish) enough to have some road manners, but still small enough and light(ish) enough to get into rougher places. unfortunately because of my health I can’t much of the rough stuff any more so I’d like something with more road manners so I can do more distance, but can still do rougher tracks like the Old Whangamomona Road for instance, but not necessarily the 42nd traverse.