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Daniel Fisher
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  • Bike: DRZ250 DRZ400E
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Wow, interesting comparison of hard numbers thanks for posting this. Always had my heart set on a wr or xr/crf, but ended up with the drz, due mainly cost and availability at the time of purchase (second hand.)

I do wonder if Suzuki are inflating their power figures though. As both the crf’s and wr’s have higher compression ratios and rev to around 11k (in the case of wr’s and crf-r) vs the 7k for drz. Would be interesting to see the power figures of the bikes after the cheap/free power mods done on them. I think in that case the wr/crf would take off. Still very happy with the drz250, and now seeing the drz400 only 8kgs more, it could very well be my next bike with a lowering link installed!