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Posted these numbers elsewhere and the feedback I got was that the drz is nearer 17 than 24kw. It does have a pretty high compression ratio, needs 95 or better which is a bit of a pain. Sounds like with the mods you can get to 22kw but if you really need or want more power, then you probably need to buy a different bike. All feedback said WR far more powerful than the DRZ, so thats probably right.

But as a fellow DRZ250 owner, I have to say we both made excellent decisions to buy them. We can argue the toss about the power etc but we will always win the value for money argument. Mine cost 4.5k second hand but nearly new. It will do 80 percent of anything any of the other bikes will do and will probably last longer.

The ugly duckling of the trail bike world – just never going to become a swan!!