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Mark Claasen
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Hi Guys

Just chatting with FB moderators.
This is what we have been discussing, looks like you guys are onto it as well.

Keith and I were talking about a fund raiser to recover the Recent Web subscription that Eddie has paid
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Keith Martin
Keith Martin We could make it a clue based desination ride. Prize for the most correct answers or a map based timed ride.
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Jan Sircelj
Jan Sircelj i know we’re all adults but timed ride might be a bit on a danger side aye
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Keith Martin
Keith Martin Nah, not a race. Leave at a set time, arrive having completed the tasks/ distance. The closest to the perdetermined time to complete wins. Keep to legal road speed etc.
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Mark Claasen

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Mark Claasen
Mark Claasen Around $600 I believe
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Mark Claasen
Mark Claasen I would be keen to see a holistic approach to this and to raise a little more money for perhaps other costs as well, Maybe a call out for some one offs for any who want to support plus rides as suggested, We have talked about this amongst the Web guys as well and should add them to the conversation (bit hard since they don’t do FB)
We may have to go to them, I will make contact now

Need to catch up some of you guys just for the sake of it and hope you all had a good Christmas break