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@ken_moncrieff, looks good (& strong). Just a few questions.

1. How are the spoked wheels working out for you? I busted the spokes out of my sidecar wheel, so have preferred cast since. However on my next sidecar project I’ll have cross laced wheels.
2. What’s the sidecar?
3. Have you calculated how much trail is left?
4. Have you talked about the mod with your local certifier?

I had an R80 Mono with even more trail (at least your fork legs had leading axles). We raked out the forks (notionally 3 degrees) to achieve less trail. Still a heavy steerer, but a lot better than stock.

The monos have a bigger fork tube, have a 25mm axle, & have an integral brace at the mudguard, but I still had issues with flex under hard cornering (which caused the brake pistons to be driven back into the callipers – exciting times). They just aren’t set up for the lateral forces a sidecar can generate.