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  • Bike: DL650, DRZ250, DRZ400S,
  • Rank: 1000cc Rider

I rode this the other way round (north to south) on Feb 7th, was a great day.

I was following two pieces of advice – ride down the middle of the stream and follow the bus tracks – they know where to go.

SO all was well until I got to the part of the stream at 3.11 in the above video. You can see one rider stays in the stream while the other peels off and rides across a dry piece, with a few puddles in it. I was coming the other way and I can tell you that the third puddle was quite deep……nearly drowned by drz250, filled my boots with water and soaked the rest of me. So I say, stay in the middle of the stream!!

The other part of the 90 mile beach experience is trying to get the sand out of your bike afterwards. Even though I stopped at Kaitaia Motors and used their coin op water blaster, I’m still washing sand out of it and having to dismantle bits of it to get it all. Every time i look I see some i missed.

Good ride though on the right day. I was doing 85 too! Who needs and Africa Twin? 🙂 🙂