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  • Bike: A long term borrowed 07 XL650V
  • Rank: 125cc Rider

Hi All!! 30 Jan 2018 Went for a ride to Kawhia and took the Kawhia-Raglan road for a bit of a cruise. Thought id update the post with some new info for any riders looking through the maps!
Road was pretty smooth and good from the Kawhia end to the Te Papatapu road turn off.
The Kawhia road heading in-land towards Bridal Veil Falls was sign posted as closed which was lucky cause at first i was gonna head over the divvy from Hamilton towards raglan, through past Bridal Veil Falls and end up at the Te Papatapu intersection anyway and continue around the coast through to Raglan.
Te Papatapu road was good on the straights but corrugated and rough in some of the slower corners and hill sections. From Te Mata to Ruapuke is a great twisty hilly sealed section which was good for the inner hoon!
Ruapuke to raglan is rough and corrugated as usual with blind corners “BUT” closer to Raglan they had the grader and roller which were working on the road and what they had done was brilliant.
So guessing they might have scraped and rolled the road by now!
Keen to ride this again before winter comes! Hope you all enjoy the pics!