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Home Forums Riding Where to ride Pouto Point Lighthouse? Reply To: Pouto Point Lighthouse?


Daniel Fisher
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Last time I went down there jumped on at Baylys, it was the easiest beach entry Ive ever done. Would be no problem on a big bike. You would have to be very experienced to try and make it up the massive dune at Pouto Point to reach the lighthouse. I was knacked from following the 4×4 boys in the dune tracks so I didn’t even attempt it, went fishing instead haha. Photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s a very long way up and was wavy, so the biggest issue would be keeping speed up to climb it. Also I wouldn’t recommend getting to Pouto lighthouse from the southern end, the 4×4 guys I was with don’t go near it as it’s normally way too soft and can be like quicksand.

<cite>@eddieb said:</cite>
We don’t have a GPS tracklog down to the lighthouse, hint hint

I have a short 4km track log of a trail behind the dunes south of Glinks if you interested? Also have track log of mountain road but I forgot to take a photo *DOH*