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The NZ Open GPS maps are great, the most accurate you will find and updated weekly.

They are user undateable, so become a member and if a road changes, or you find an error (very few of these now), or the routing is incorrect (it sends you the wrong way), send them the track or error and they will update the mapset, and you can download the updated map to your device.

Also to POI’s are from Zenbu.co.nz. The most comprehensive list of POI’s and businesses in NZ. Including all petrol stations, DOC huts and campsites and just about everything else in the country. So if a petrol station, your favorite cafe, or your own business is not listed, you can edit the listing, and when the new mapset is produced, the updated POI’s will also be there.

Why anyone would bother to use the Garmin maps on their device when these are available is a mystery to me.