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Jouni Karppinen
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<cite>@eddieb said:</cite>
Today I joined a bunch of Mercury Energy staff for a ride around the power generating dams of the Waikato. the bikes covered the spectrum of types from my DR650 to a Ducati Panagale, a big bore Harley and a metric cruiser, @jouni_karppinen on his Triumph Scrambler, a BMW 1200RS and my father in law on a CX500.

@jouni_karppinen should have bought a suzuki 😉

Maybe I should ask insurance company to give me an additional discount for this new anti-theft feature.

Instructions for other Scrambler owners to enable this neat feature:
1. Go to Thompsons track
2. Land the bike on its’ belly, preferably several times, to make necessary adjustments on side stand kill switch
3. (Optional) fall down few times too just to impress rest of your team members
Now you have hard-to-nick Scrambler, just remembered to switch the side stand switch manually before taking off.