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since getting that single givi 330DT screen above

have come across the split + sliding givi af330gs screen

with the upper screen slid to the top it is much higher than the 330DT, so that i have to see through it to see the road

which is great as that means it will slide down until i can just see over it and get the the best little bubble of still air to reduce noise + buffeting when riding long distances on tarseal

then when get to the dirt the top section can be slid right down, or even better removed and put in a pannier for best view of close road and less chance of smacking your face into it

in the package that screen came with were the fairing mounted R1200 GS Adventure clear winglets? that steer the air, + rain, flowing under the indicators, away from the rider

hope to test them both out at the end of the week