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  • Bike: Honda CRF1000LD
  • Rank: 400cc Rider

I’ve been for a ride today, out towards Raglan and then turned onto Ohautira road, turned onto Ruakiwi road and right through to Te Akau road and then on to Te Akau Coast road through to Nikau Caves. From there I just headed back to Morrinsville via Huntly. Not quite this route and not all the way to Port Waikato, but a good run with a decent amount of gravel.

It was good for trying out the new tyres (E07 Rear, TKC80 front) and playing with the settings on the bike. The default of traction control level 3 is an overprotective nanny, level 1 or 2 is much better – on level 1 I can give it a squirt and easily get some wheel-spin on gravel. I also tried out the ABS on gravel, it allows some amount of slip but the wheel doesn’t completely lock causing a risk of a low-side, I’m quite happy with the level of assistance and wouldn’t normally feel the need to disable the rear-wheel ABS.

Overall a good day with a fun ride!