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  • Bike: Triumph Tiger XCx\' DR650

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My Two worth.Ive been trying out the MotoZ Tractionater tyres.I fitted them at the start of Feb and attended Chris Birchs two day off road course (which I cant recommend highly enough)Tyres were used in farm paddocks ,mud.river crossings and fast closed forestry roads around Thames and were most excellent.A week later I did the TT2000 two up with luggage mostly on road with a little bit of gravel around kiwi rd and Waikarimoana.As I write this Ive just got back from a week down south having been through Molesworth,rainbow,Porika ,Braeburn,Maruia saddle,Random spur,Black forrest,Old dunstan,Dansys.The Haka,French pass,Titirangi bay,well you get the idea.Front tyre is still fine rear tyre is shagged and split to the cords but held together .I was bricking it when I first noticed it splitting when I was in Kurow but that was 800km ago and nothing I could do been Easter Sunday.Am home safe and sound .SO tyre only lasted two months but did just under 7500km so Im more than happy.And yes been a slack arse its still on the bike and been used to commute to work lol