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Team Buffoon

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Hi Guys, not much riding at all been happening this summer as been sailing most weekends. Elefant has been getting grumpy and getting harder to start and then running on 1.75 cylinders banging and popping. Spoke to my Ducati Guru and he pointed the finger at my use of 98 fuel, he reckons that older engines just don’t like the toluene in it. So compression check showed both pots almost the same. Drained out the fuel topped up with some fresh 91 and a new set of plugs and she’s like a goodun. Just need some dry weather and preferably no gales to check things out. At the same time I changed the engine oil hoping that it might help the slipping clutch as I still have not investigated that. Only slips at full leading elbow power right at the top of the rev range so generally is not an issue.
Was wondering how much of a drama it was going to be to get the tank off but surprisingly easy. 10 allen bolts to undo and one bolt at rear of tank and it came off AND went back on simply. Couldn’t believe it!
Was hoping to go on Phil’s tunnel ride today but was double booked.