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  • Bike: R1200GS, DL650, DRZ250, DRZ400S,
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

Not quite home yet but differences between the two bikes are pretty clear.

To clarify mine is a 2011drz400S so not the E model. Im not sure of the differences between e and s but google is. I think the S has more road oriented gearing. Im also assuming mine is stock. The 250 was stock no airbox or exhaust mods but one extra tooth on tbe front sprocket.

Obviously the main difference is another 150 cc.

The 250 will cruise at 90 to 95 and up to 110 for overtaking. Ive no idea how many revs its doing.
This is in 6th but you have to work to keep it there and a small looss of momentum means a one or two gear downshift until you can pick up speed again.

The 400 cruises at the same speed but you can generally stay in 5th on the open road and it will cope with a reasoable hill or headwind. Much more capacity to overtake if need be but im still pulling over a lot to let people pass. Consequently its much easier to ride on the highways.

On gravel it feels much the same as the 250 which isnt really surprising as they are very similar bikes. Disclaimer here i rode slow. One might be more capable than the other off road but ill never know as oth bikes capabilities far exceed mine. They both feel fine to me. Ergos are much the same. Choke is much easier to find and thus switch off on the 400. The 400s is not noisy which im very happy about. The PO took the end out of the 250 pipe and its annoyingly loud.

Overall i like the 400. Time will tell if its a keeper but so far so good.