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  • Town/City: Tauranga
  • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV, BMW R100GS
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Oh Crap! I hope the breaks are all clean and no funny issues.

I’ve only run one set of matching tyres that I can recall in about 8 years, and in that case it was with TKC-80 front and rear on my KTM 950 Adventure and the rear tyre only lasted 8 days until the belts were showing through. While I’ve run TKC-80s on the front almost exclusively over my last 6 bikes (BMW R80G/S & R100GS, KTM 950 Adventure, 2 x DR650, DR250) I’ve run all manner of different brand tyres on the back with a huge variation in sizes and profiles and not had any issues with tank slappers.

If the new tyre had significantly steepened the steering head angle by having a much larger diameter than the tyre it replaced I would say maybe that could have contributed on a top end sports bike, but adventure bikes are pretty lazy steering by comparison and I’d be very surprised if that would be the case.
I would be far more inclined to be looking at the front tyre and forks. Seeing if the front tyre is past it’s best or possibly under or more particularly over inflated, forks not twisted in the clamps so the wheel isn’t straight, worn steering head bearings etc. Some of this may not be possible now seeing as the bike has been bashed up.
I’ve never heard of Ceat tyres before now so have no thoughts on them.