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Sad story, mend well.
I can report:
DL650 has matching tyres courtesy of Eddie (Mitas). No issues (nice tyres!)
DRZ250 did not, and they got very worn to almost illegal on the way down to the south island, 1650kms – no tank slap issues. Now has matching Dunlop 605s Have olny ridden it a short distance could not tell the difference btween the old and new tyres.
DRZ400 does not have matching tyres. Not new but some life left. Rode it 1650 kms back from SI, in all kinds of weather and conditions, no issues.
Previous XLV750 Africa Twin – Pirelli on the front and Shinko 705 on the back, maybe 2000kms before I sold it, no issues

I would not think that having differnt tyres front and back would cause a tank slap.

Interesting point about taking your hands off – we have all seen the GP boys do it – So I usually do it every now and then to check my balance and whether I’m sitting central on the bike – I know I have a tendency not to, I suspect we all do a bit. The bike usually wants to go one way or the other when I let go but I can usually correct it by shifting my backside a bit. A trial and error process. The DRZ400 I’ve just got has wonky handlebars and I noticed I couldn’t move enough to keep that on line if I let go, so something not right there. None of the above produces tank slapping at any speed, but I’m not usually going fast when I do it.

So I am picking something was out of alignment – perhaps seriously so. Sounds like your insurance company is wriggling….not good. IF it have been backed over by a car and enough damage done to require new spokes and bars, surely the forks would have been bent? Were they replaced?

Only time I ever get tank slapping is when I’m trying to ride on soft sand – which I don’t like much for that reason.

Good luck, whatever happens