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Robert Parton
  • Town/City: Hamilton
  • Bike: RE Himalayan

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Rank: 80cc Rider

thanks for the replies old beer and Eddieb.

They didn’t replace the forks as far as I know.

The insurance company aren’t wriggling yet I’m just keen to figure out what went wrong.

In both cases I wasn’t riding aggressively or tentatively and I’ve never experienced anything close to it on that bike from new. And after being off bikes for a few years I was seriously rusty for the first few thousand kms.

I can’t shake the feeling that it goes back to the insurance rebuild and new rear tyre.

As I am recuperating I’m contemplating whether I carry on riding or not (nudged by my family’s questions). It would help if I could pin down something fixable rather than writing it off to coincidence.

Feeling like I may not be able to trust that bike again and should be looking to trade it on a dr or klr 650 who’s quirks are better known.

Maybe the repairer would be willing to investigate for a mechanical cause, unfortunately with neither arm working I can’t get to it and poke around.