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Gerrie Jacobs
  • Bike: DR650

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<cite> @Bearbob said:</cite>
Sorry should have addressed last post to Gerrie Jacobs

That’s okay Joe I knew you were talking to me ?

Yes not going to do anything to the engine, it does have the noisy exhaust which I like and the performance is fine for me as is.

Definitely will fit some Barkbusters with some good handlebars, apparently the original ones are made of cheese. Seat maybe in the future, I had a DRZ400SM years ago and did 400km days on it, granted had a bit of a sore butt, but I survived.

Big fuel tank, in the future too, for now will probably just strap a 5 liter can on the back if needed. The budget doesn’t strech to all the wants at the moment ?

Just need to get out and ride it a bit now!