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Gerrie Jacobs
  • Bike: DR650

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Some more goodies courtesy of Boyd Suzuki in Hamilton. Kieren is always very helpful, I have been a customer of his for more than 10 years.

Front sprocket shaft seal retainer
Cush drive rubbers
Oil filter, assorted o-rings and sump plug washers

Next I will order a new chain with a standard set of oem Suzuki sprockets, need to save up first. Then I will look at new handlebars and barkbusters. Once all the parts are accumulated I will start fitting them.

Went for my first ride yesterday with the bike as is, to be honest the aftermarket pipe is a bit loud, might consider fitting the standard one instead.

The ride was from Hamilton to Bridal Veil falls then on the the gravel to Kawhia, from there to Oparau and Pirongia West road to Pirongia and back to Hamilton, was a bit chilly but a good bloody ride with my brother in law on his XT1200, I had one before the DR, good bike but just to heavy for me! DR fits me like a glove!

Two other additions of the weekend was a new HJC helmet, bottom of the range, my old one also a HJC is 13 years old and it was time to replace it, the second addition was a Sena 20S purchased from a mate who bought a dual pack, used one a few times and never again, my brother in law and I purchased it for the grand some of $400, and for all practical reasons they are brand new, bargain of the century, I have always wanted one but could never justify the cost.

Some photos: