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  • Town/City: Tauranga
  • Bike: BMW R100GS

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I lived in Dublin for 18 months, and another time in London for 2 years so I’ve driven around the UK a bit. While there I did the TT 3 times, once with a bike.

For sending a bike anywhere I’d recommend flying it over and shipping it back. While airfreight is expensive, shipping timetables are notoriously unreliable and there’s a dozen potential delay points on the way. You don’t want to lose half your holiday riding time because a wharf strike in Asia delayed your container by 2 weeks.

I’ve seen shipping crates come up on trademe occasionally or talk to your local bike shop.

Depending on what sort of riding you plan there the XJ might be a better choice, especially on your partners butt. The other option of course is to buy there. For $4k you could pick up an ok bike and even if you abandoned it there you’d still be even on the cost outlay.

I’ll be back over the way next year, though not riding unfortunately.