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  • Bike: Honda CRF1000LD
  • Rank: 400cc Rider

I went with the Mavic Air, still learning it but it is definitely a great drone. I like the 3-axis stabilised gimbal, great for making smooth video. It has folding arms, this makes it great for fitting in a motorcycle top-box without taking up much of the available space.

I looked at the Spark, but decided that I only needed to save for another two or three weeks to go for the Mavic Air and get 3-axis instead of 2-axis stabilisation. The Mavic Air also has longer flight time, better range and better camera (100MB/s data rate).

I have practised with a cheaper MJX drone (MJX B5W) with no stabilisation, there is a huge difference in the video, with every movement of the drone being translated into tilting seen on the video. The cheaper drone cost about 1/6 as much, but regardless of how good value it is, the Mavic Air is a better drone by a very wide margin.