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Thanks for your reply!

I can’t see that link unfortunately, seemst to not be working for me.

Unfortunately two days already is a lot to travel for me.

I would have never considered traveling that long to buy something. But more importantly another thing is that I actually haven’t been driving cars for a decade. I don’t feel comfortable renting one like that without practice so getting around is very difficult without that. Hence why I need a bike.

I personally would never buy anything, especially not a vehicle without never having seen it in person.
Too many people try to sell junk.

I suppose I mixed up dirt and gravelroads there. I was thinking of mainly gravel anyway. Dirt wouldn’t cause that much wear anyways, it’s the gravel that I’d be concerned about in terms of pebbles scratching up the paint if I had a new bike and needed to sell it again.

So the bottom line is traveling for getting a bike may not rally be an option for me. Looks like there’s nothing in Wellington though, huh?