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  • Bike: R1200GS, DL650, DRZ250, DRZ400S,
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Im not suggesting you hire a car. We have trains, planes or buses. Have you tried googling Trademe and then searching for KLR650s??? There is at least one option in the North Island so you could do it in a day. Not hard.

But if you have to have a used KLR and you are not prepared to go outside Wellington to look at one then you will have to wait for one to come up. Or you could buy one of the many used DR650s in Wellington, the weapon of choice for most serious Kiwi adv bikers. If you are worried about scratching it you are probably on the wrong website but suggest you buy an old scratched one, then your resale value wont be affected. Chances are you will sell it for what you paid for it. If you are worried about buying a lemon, there are plenty of new KLRs for sale under NZ10k, the dealer will deliver it for you to your door.

Good luck