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I haven’t said I wasn’t willing to travel.
I don’t know how well public transportation works in NZ. In America it’s virtually useless, if you don’t have a car you’re stranded.
I used Google maps to plot a route with public transport to some places on the North island from Wellington and it said it couldn’t find a single one, even for “major” cities. So I assumed that wasn’t an option.
(I’m not American btw, but I suppose I made the naive assumption that abweywhere else but Europe wouldn’t have good public transport, my bad)

As I’ve said, PERSONALLY I’m not worried about scratches, I’m worried about taking a brand new bike off-road, using it for only one year but taking a big financial hit because I paid for a new bike but can only sell it with significant depreciation because it has more wear than it usually would for its age.

There are no bikes in Wellington on trade me as I’ve mentioned before.

I will try to find out if there’s a way to find routes to travel through the country by public transport. Maybe Google is just not showing them. If there is that’s all I need.

I’m just seeing the DR now. The link does work, thanks!

Unfortunately though I need a bigger bike. I need something for long journeys. Ultimately I plan on circumventing the whole country. I need something to carry lots of luggage, photography gear, camping gear etc. A DR is not going to be comfortable on long rides and most of all it doesn’t have pannier racks.
I do appreciate your suggestion though, thanks!

But it really has to be a KLR. Or a GS but that’s going to be more expensive.
I also just found out that apparently it may be possible to ship my GS from the UK without any import duty because I’m moving residence. So I may look into that too. But considering that will cost me 4k NZD to bring it to NZ and then ship it back again, that probably isn’t worth it.