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  • Town/City: Tauranga
  • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV, BMW R100GS
  • Rank: Round the World Adventure Globetrotter

I’ve thought for a while that there should be public access from around Tokoroa through to Mamaku area as the area is riddled with roads on the map, much of the area is private forestry, but this was the time to go exploring.

The first I checked out was Pinedale Road just South of the Putaruru Timber Museum, Google shows sealed roads running for miles from here however 200 metres off SH1 signs show the end of the public road and from there the roads are some corporate private farm.

Next option was Mossop Road from beside the Mobil station in Tokoroa, this seemed to be the one as at the T junction at the end of Mossop road a left turn is onto Mamaku South road which turns into just South Road which according to Google runs right into Mamaku Village.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to Mamaku as roughly 7 km up Mamaku South Road the throttle cable on the DR snapped.
After confirming what was wrong I wound the idle up on the DR and started heading back to Tokoroa, 7km of gravel and 18km of seal at idle.
Don’t break down here, there’s no mobile reception and no passing traffic.

I was glad it wasn’t mid summer as it was hot enough in bike gear. The jacket got stashed across the handle bars and the helmet clipped to the rear rack to try and keep the temperature down.

This area is very undulating which required walking the bike up most of the hills and it was 10km before I could get strong enough mobile reception to make a phone call for assistance, which was an hour away. It took 2 1/4 hours walking and idling to cover the 22km back to Tokoroa and I was well knackered by then.

Back In Tokoroa I parked up at the Mobil Station and got some water and food and waited for my rescue ride to turn up.

Not how you want a ride to end.

Just as we finished loading the bike up Thomas Bodely pulled in on his new to Him BMW R1150GSA that he had collected from Christchurch 2 days before and was riding back to Auckland.

So after just putting the bike back together I’ve got to pull it all apart again. After the changes I made last time the bike is running WAY better though I suspect the 150 jet is a little rich so I’ll order a 148 or whatever the next size down is. The steering is also lighter though it binds a bit turning right. There’s a whole pile of wiring on the right side of the steering stem and I think this is bunching up and stopping the bars turning properly that way so I will check that out while in there. I have re routed some of those wires to account for the 50mm bar risers I fitted years ago so they aren’t in the stock location.