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  • Bike: Husqvarna FE450 Rally Lite & FE350
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

Yeah, I might have got a bit carried away when planning. I used mostly routes found on this site, and linked together as many as I could. Used Google MyMaps’ suggested times (so sections like the Molesworth Station should be quicker on the bike than the estimate).

So far it’s going to be a solo journey so I figured I should plan carefully so as not to miss any ferry or flight times.

As for the FE… because I also use it to commute, and it sadly doesn’t see too much serious off-road action here in Auckland, I have oil changes at every 15-20hrs. I use fully synthetic 10w60, with a stainless steel reusable oil filter.

II could probably stretch it out a little further. Earlier this year I was in Johannesburg visiting a friend that did Dakar 2017. Whilst perving on his KTM 450 Rally Replica, I noticed his abandoned KTM EXC 500 in the corner. He used that for rallies before he got the Rally Replica. He said if he wasn’t racing, just adventure riding on it, he pushed 20-25hrs between oil changes quite comfortably.

Adam Riemann and his Motonomad companions seem to change oil in their EXC 500’s every 2000km or so on their big adventures.

But yeah… hopefully the little FE lasts me a good few years to come.