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  • Town/City: Tauranga
  • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV, BMW R100GS
  • Rank: Round the World Adventure Globetrotter

So it seemed that I was the first person in NZ to ever break a accelerator cable on a DR650 as not only did Suzuki not have any in stock but they’d never ever had to supply a replacement cable in the DR’s 22 year model history. I did manage to find a 2nd hand grip and cables on trademe however.

I opened everything up today and discovered the cable is in fact was sound, this was confusing and concerning as there’s not much else to go wrong in a flat slide carb.

Pulling the top off the carb and the reason was immediately obvious what the problem really was.

It looks like the screw had been rattling around mostly undone for a while and the thump as I hit a pothole finally dislodged it.

Seeing as I was in there again I replaced the 150 main jet with a 148 and the 40 idle jet with a 38. The bike started up again the best it ever has.

So I’ve got a spare throttle and cables if anyone ever needs them.