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I received this email last week from the North Waikato Coastal Communities group regarding riding on Kariotahi and other beaches.

To Adventure Riding NZ

Hi Bike Riders,

Stumbled across your members reports of riding on Karioitahi Beach recently & wanted to mention to you the vulnerability of this coastline to serious erosion & the destructive effects of vehicles of all types travelling through the sand dunes.

Testimony to this are the steep heavily eroding cliffs & rocks on the beach a km or so north of Kariotahi Rd that get steadily worse all the way to Manukau Heads as mentioned by your members on your website.

Further north, Hamiltons Gap at the end of West Coast Rd is an example of some the worlds most shocking coastal erosion.

Karioitahi south to the Waikato River currently is in a phase of sand abundance & potential sand dune growth / health if we Keep Vehicles Off Now, as fortunes change fast at the hands of powerful southern ocean groundswells & violent westerly winds.

To the south, Port Waikato is in a state of erosional chaos having lost much of the carpark & being forced to move their surf club tower inland as the sea relentlessly advances to gobble up the local Community Hall & residential properties very soon.

Trust me I have Fished, Surfed, Motorcycled & driven Vehicles on these beaches for over 50 years,


Gentlemen we need your assistance along with every other caring beach user.

By all means enjoy a ride / drive along our beaches below high tide levels.

Please keep all vehicles away from the sand dunes as a matter of urgent necessity.

I trust your members will be in agreement with our pleas for your help,

Best Regards,

Royston Kerr

On behalf of North Waikato Coastal Communities