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Daniel Fisher
  • Town/City: Nor-West AKL
  • Bike: DRZ400E

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First time doing the 42 a fortnight ago, wasn’t sure what to expect. Actually was kinda expecting some rough and mud, but it was in mostly good nick, if anything it was mostly dry and dusty, actually got stuck on first climb after stream from south as wheel dug down into the dry/crumbly hill, pushed out no worries. Also the washout that what looks like @scubbo got stuck in is still there. Talking to one of the lodges managers, they have been letting 4×4 crews in early to help with maintenance of the track.
Soft Dusty Hill
Soft dusty hill
Washout With Branches
Washout marked will branches

Unfortunately didn’t get to complete the whole of the 42 as got sidetracked on a sidetrack to the 10man (actually only 8 beds if you would like to update the description @eddieb?) We then decided to take a “shortcut” back to the 42 which took us 4 hours to do the 6.5km, in doing so cutting out some of the main track. Ahwell just have to come back again to finish it 😉
“Shortcut” But boy was it fun!

The Ten Man Hut itself is pretty well kitted out with sink, water, longdrop, fireplace, lighting via car batterys and even a shower that can we warmed via a fire stoked under the water cylinder.
Woopsie on Toptrack(10manhut)
Woopsie on Toptrack(10manhut)
Puddle on Top Track/10man
Puddle on Top Track/10man
Ten Man Hut
Ten Man Hut