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  • Town/City: Tauranga
  • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV, BMW R100GS
  • Rank: Round the World Adventure Globetrotter

Adventure Riders are close to losing access to Black Forest Station due to riders abusing the access.

Over the last few years a significant number of riders crossing Black Forest Station have been causing issues for the farm owners by tearing up the track and riding recklessly, often resulting in an accident and expecting the station staff to retrieve their bikes from whatever predicament the rider has left in it, usually down a steep bank considering the Black Forest Station geography.

It has been noted by the owners that the riders causing issues are more often than not riding ‘orange bikes’.

Where ever you are riding, whether it’s Black Forest Station or elsewhere have some respect for where you are riding, don’t be a dick and spoil it for everyone else.