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  • Town/City: Tauranga
  • Bike: BMW R100GS

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I had been a bit unhappy with the front forks since changing the fork oil from 15w back to 10w a little while back, they were very jarring and felt like they had too much rebound.
DR650 fork oil is not specified by volume but by a measurement from the top of the fork leg with the spring removed and the fork leg bottomed. Going back over what I’d done I realised I had put in 20mm too much oil as I had converted the measurement from inches to mm in my head and got it wrong.

I didn’t want to pull the forks off and springs out again to measure from the top of the fork to the fluid so instead found and online calculator and worked out the fluid volume for an area 20mm deep and an internal radius of 39mm and using a clear plastic hose and measureing cup removed the approriate amount of fluid.

The forks are now much better but one thing I did find really confused me. In the left fork the fork oil was bright green and the right fork was a reddy brown so now I’m wondering if when I changed the oil I changed the same fork twice and now have 1 fork of 15w and 1 of 10w or something.