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  • Bike: Husqvarna FE450 Rally Lite & FE350
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

As part of our adventure from Auckland to Christchurch, we mapped our route through the 42nd Traverse (excluding 10 man hut).

Having never done it before, we expected the worst and allowed 4hrs with a 1hr contingency, should there be any mechanical or sense of humour failures.

Arriving ta the start (Owhango end) it was nice and sunny, but within 10min the clouds rolled in and it turned into a rather wet ride.

The trail however was insanely fun! Fast and flowy. Most corners have a bit of a gravely camber to them so even in the wet they can be bermed. If one keeps their momentum up on the climbs, they’re nice and easy.

The river was pretty easy to cross, and before we knew it, we were out the other end. Total time Owhango to SH47, 1hr30min (average speed of approx. 31kph).

Just about to start.

At the end. Drenched, muddy, tired, but big smiles!