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Andrew Eccles
  • Rank: 50cc Rider

A nice challenging stretch of “off” road, very steep in some sections. More like a hillclimb 🙂 They (2 of them) catch you a bit off guard as they begin shortly after a bend. Definitely not one to venture in the wet. The climb was fun though – had a good day for it. If you keep your speed up and weight over the handlebars – you’ll be good. The gate is tricky to pass – managed to get my large F800GS through – I don’t think this would be suitable for a 1200 though. The gate at the other end is quite technical too, you can’t squeeze through it and have a tiny detour around it. You basically have to accelerate up a bank and brake just in time before hitting a barbed wire fence. On the ride – you pass by some roadside beehives – so if you have allergies – not worth the risk. Views are nice from the top though – see photos.