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Was a good day. enjoyed it so much i rode back to the start. nice easy track good for light bikes with dirt treads. track is in good condition. some photos attached. i took photos of each stream so u can see. they not very deep and easy to just ride through them. there is a lot of other trails off of the 42nd traverse. while the 42nd was nice a dry and well maintained the trails that branch off are very wet and muddy with deep puddles. im planning to go back when its been dry for a while and check out the other trails.
in the mean time ill be exploring the trails deeper deeper in and around the back of Rotoma to Matata. just a tip if u gonna do those trails. take a machete and a portable spade. those trails have a lot of wash outs and fallen trees. might need to build ramps over trees etc. if any one planning on doing rotoma trails hit me up.