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Well you are in the right place for that Brook. Back of the ‘Naki has some of the best gravel in North Island, in my opinion. There are a few nice locals down there too if you wanted to hook up and get some pointers on where is best.

If you are riding gravel roads two up and carrying gear/luggage I would be tempted to add a 650 Vstrom to your list of potential bikes. They are plentiful second hand, always a few on trademe and pretty reliable. Even though your pillion is only 10 she will appreciate the very comfortable pillion seat. The bike has 200kg carrying capacity so you can take the kitchen sink with you if you want to. Ive toured most of those roads two up on mine and though the bike did very well. Once you pop out on the seal again, its a far better ride than the thumpers. They are a bit heavy (200kg+) but on those roads that shouldnt be a problem.

Cheers and happy riding. Just be very careful going up or down the north side of Kiwi Road……